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Application areas

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Construction and Civil Engineering

  • location and identification of underground storage tanks, pipelines, etc.
  • site preparation for construction, location of underground utilities, pipes, power lines
  • inspection of roads and roadbeds for thickness and integrity


  • location and identification of coal ash contamination
  • location and identification of leakage from underground tanks
  • analysis of salt water intrusion in estuaries,
  • monitoring of levees, dykes, lagoons and landfills for leaks
  • location and analysis of septic waste fields
  • measurement of sea ice thickness
  • detection and identification of UXO and mines
  • detection of improvised explosive devices (IEDs)
  • location of access tunnels and underground facilities

Teaching / Research and Development

  • teaching geological and geophysical measurement techniques
  • geophysics research
  • EM modeling


  • nonintrusive location of ruins, burial sites
  • archaeological evaluation of proposed construction sites

Farming and Precision Agriculture  

  • determination of water and fertilizer demand
  • analysis of root zone soil properties

Forensic Science

  • location of burial sites, weapons, bullets, disturbed soil
  • crime scene analysis and documentation

Geological and Geophysical Applications

  • determination of near-surface morphology and soil properties

Golf Course Management

  • determination of water and fertilizer demand, analysis of soil properties, location of irrigation pipes

Hydrogeological Applications

  • location of underground water sources
  • depletion of water table, groundwater management
  • ice and permafrost thickness

Mining and Mineral Exploration

  • location and identification of mineral and ore deposits

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